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PTS is an Independent Provider of Professional Services (Upgrades, Development, Consulting, New Installs, Training & System Admin.) for Companies using Epicor® ERP software. We are also a Certified Partner with SYSPRO® and Macola® for the same services as well as sales.

PTS - Your Home For Epicor® ERP Support & More

Epicor® ERP has become an industry-leading service for manufacturers and many other industries. Practical Technology Solutions is a leading independent professional services provider of business support and consulting solutions for brands using Epicor® professional services.

Whether you need Epicor® for manufacturing, wholesale, warehousing or other ERP functionality, PTS has the right team, talent and time to solve your issues. We want to help you achieve all of the Epicor® ERP benefits available for a company of your size, with training to make those wins last long after our support ends. From largescale operations to a local machine shop, we’ll build a custom support program for you to deliver unparalleled results.

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“We don’t have a traditional IT department…… I’ve worked with a few different consultants over the last 3 years, after I found Practical Technical Solutions (An independent professional services provider) , I will always go to them first with a need. They got to my projects in short order, knew exactly what I was talking about most of the time and if they didn’t, it was easy to explain to them what I needed. The rate is better and the work is more efficient than I have found elsewhere. I would highly recommend PTS (An independent professional services provider) to anyone using Epicor®.“

— Dudek & Bock