a treat for the whole family

Our History

Stauffer’s is best recognized for its original animal crackers but the company also
produces a variety of crackers and cookies in three bakeries across the United States.
Stauffer’s roots are in York, Pennsylvania where the first animal crackers were
produced in 1871. Two additional bakeries are located in Cuba, New York and Santa
Ana, California. Stauffer’s west coast bakery started producing crackers and cookies in 2001. Enjoy snacking with delicious Stauffer’s animal crackers in a variety
of flavors and shapes.

Each day, Stauffer’s produces more than 250 tons of animal crackers,
cookies and snack crackers on fifteen oven lines using only the
finest ingredients. Taste the rich cheddar cheese flavor of Whales,
the crisp ginger flavor or the refreshing lemon flavor in Snaps or
the creamy, fun flavor of a fully frosted animal cookie. All are
available in a variety of package sizes.